Saturday, July 31, 2010

I broke my foot

Fourty-Five Ringgit
a hundred kilometres
six hours
all because of a broken foot..

and it's not even my foot!

the klutz in me came out. and most embarassingly behind and very close behind
Weena Marcus & Soo Wincci, the judges for the Orientation....
after tripping over my camera strap and sprawling on the floor,
I picked myself up and my flash which had separated itself from my camera
Sadly this was the result of my two left feet dance
who knew finding spare parts was such a difficult endeavour?
I searched three locations...had a few communications with the manufacturers
but in the end was where I managed to purchase this little piece of plastic
and in order to save a few Ringgit, I decided that replacing it should be an easy task,
after doing the necessary research, and the necessary leg work,
I finally bought the replacement hotshoe casing from Canon Malaysia
I think that their after service is the biggest reason to stick to Canon
I've heard enough horror stories from Nikon users to stay away from the dark side as long as I can
Anyway, after gleefully carrying the plastic piece back home, I prepared to dismantle the part and easily replace the part.. Of course it was not as straightforward as that...
I soon realised that the flash had more parts to dismantle than I had been initially led to believe
but after many different sized screwdrivers, 2 hours of dismantling, and fiddling with springs
the foot was on... the only problem was I had nothing to test the flash out on..
oh well... the weekend is coming :)

Friday, July 30, 2010


Holy cow! just cuz this lens had some signs of mould growing in the lens...
it auctioned more than a third of what I bid on a similar lens...
would have bid too if I had the budget..
all the best to the winner..

Times are Tough

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Sight of Sounds

I've got something to admit...
I've never been to AV fair before
I know it's not scandalous nor news worthy...
but thought I'd get that off my chest...

This is the reason for my visit to JW Marriot last weekend
It's also the reason I'm RM10 poorer...
Was it worth shelling out the moolah?
I must say for the experience yes...

Entering the first hall, 
it was obvious that it was kind of sparse
It was like going to PC Fair without the PC's
or the girls... (there were a few)
The only guys were those on the tele
There were a few doohickies that caught my attention
First there was the light saber soundspeakers
Then there was the "Dark Knight"
though it looked more Darth Vader than Batman
(not sure what's with the Star Wars symbols)
Was surprised they had DJ turntables too...
and if only I had an Apple product, then can get Airwired
first there were movies... now, computer games in 3d..
imagine the nausea playing first person shooters in 3d
if only all speakers(especially in government :p) were transparent
and look at those pretty lights...
and an unusual sights

The one most unusual thing I found was the fact
that they were using the hotel rooms 
as stalls...
to me it kinda looked dodgy
dimly lit long corridor
men going in and out of rooms
checking out the sights
one of the oddest sights is seeing the menu for their cafe...
I wondered who comes here to eat..
especially if it costs RM4 for 3 lekor!!
Guess that was the sign for me to make my exit..
not so sure about next year...
it was a good experience seeing the sights this year..
but not so sure if it is worth the entrance fee...
especially if you can't afford anything

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wongfu & David Choi

ever since Yellow Fever, Wongfu productions have got me hooked...
and David Choi is a gr8 singer-songwriter..

I love the end of the song when he opens the umbrella...

Monday, July 26, 2010

More Toying Around

You know how sometimes you need to take a double take?
That's what it seems like for the MITF...
It's the little things that count after all
Here's my second take of MITF 2010
First of all is the Dweeys..
Didn't take note of this one b4.. 
but it has ppl and trees!
and I didn't this one served turd
and I didn't get a sharp copy of this cute monster b4
and the squirrel has a fist for a tail
and prove that can manual focus moving objects
and from star wars... 
the ewok!
and this monster doodoll storms the fair
and it definitely attracted the chicks
speaking of which I didn't manage to photograph these two flyer girls til yesterday
but most of all misssed the cosplayers
with a pretty fishy
bringing the fun and the love
not sure who this is.. but cute
well guess that's it for the toy fair 
time to pack up and go

aTarCing in the name of FM

 Once Upon a time, HeartCrusher crew made a journey to TarCollege
Our mission, to support and chronicle the journey of our favourite petite lady

Upon arriving, we were surprised by the dressed up students...
these students really take their Orientation Night's seriously..
but we found out later that the ticket says formal wear
good thing I so happened to dress in long pants though was clothed in a T-Shirt
Good thing they didn't ban me from entering... 

I found the programme a little puzzling though...
The Orientation night is stated to begin at 5 p.m.
and to end at 10 p.m.
and yet no meals are provided? 
good thing we didn't die of starvation in the mean time
But I must say they made it sound so grand...
they called the event Orientation Odessey...
and even had a theme...

So talking about being unconventional,
the pagaent for the orientation students was a musical??
and the pagaent was judged amongst the few by Weena Marcus & Soo Wincci
we weren't sure criteria for judging was... 
but it didn't matter as we were just going to support FM all the way
The play was about the contestants being picked to enter some school of arts
and the adventures that ensued in the process...
The play was filled with posing
and even cross-dressers..

The night turned out pretty entertaining.
Besides the play, there were bands,
and celebrity singers
as well as entertaining hosts

But in the end, after 4 hours or so,
it came down the the moment we travelled all the way for.
Announcement of the winners...
Unfortunately, Heartcrushers no.1 choice,
was not the judges...
At least she came away with miss photogenic...
and photogenic she is indeed.

All in all I must say the committee did a great job...
 bet the participants had a blast
To end it all, here's my wish to Miss Photogenic...
I hope you are happy with the results..
and that this is the start of a greater experience in college

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